The Many Types Of An Amplifier

The question when purchasing the amplifiers that comes around is one could simply go to the market and could buy an amplifier. However, this is not as easy as it sounds. Amplifiers have many types and these come in variety of range. Each amplifier is designed for some specific purposes and each has different type and sound features. Not only this but every amplifier has the sound compatibility features according to the various connecting loud speakers. Therefore, when purchasing the amplifiers, the loud speaker must also be kept in mind. The Cambridge audio amplifier is a brand which is very much famous for its production of in wall speakers.

There are certain components of amplifier which need to work together to make a good quality sound. Although in many loud speakers or some sound systems some of these components are built in and there is no need to separately attached these but this is not always the case. In most of the cases the components of audio amplifiers are not built in but these need to be attached as stand-alone unit.

The first component which is required in an Cambridge audio amplifier system is the pre-amplifier. The task of this component is to take a signal from some low level of sound as input from any music source and then prepare this signal for the further level of the amplification. The pre-amplifier as the name depicts does the working before the actual amplification. In some sound system such as the network players have pre-amplifier already installed in them and therefore there is no need to separately attached these. The next step that comes after the pre-amplification is the power amplification. The output of the pre-amplification works as the input of the power amplification. The job of the power amplification is to take a signal from the pre-amplification. The signal produced by the pre-amplification is very much weak and it cannot directly be heard at the loud speakers therefore the power amplifications gives the boast to this weak signal and make it strong enough so that it can be heard at the loud speakers.

Integrated amplifier on the other hand is the combination of both the pre amplifier and the power amplifier, as the name depicts it integrates the pre and power amplification features in to a single unit. It is usually very much suitable and appropriate for the places where there is less space and instead of having two separate unit one can have only one unit.